Tenant Invoicing & Monitoring

Bill your tenants for their individual water usage

Are your commercial tenants paying their share?

Don’t let your tenants cost you money. Tenants who don’t pay their water cost waste water and hike up your bill, making you accountable for their waste. Without third-party verification, tenants dispute their portion of the bill, pay late, leaving you with the late charges.

Ashokan makes it easy

Ashokan’ s engineers conduct a store and premise inspection and design a unique commercial tenant water monitoring system for your building.  We read your meter, and invoice your tenants directly, offering an easy solution for managing your tenant bills.

“Dov Vinar handled our accounts in a professional manner. To date Ashokan has saved us over 1 million for our properties.”
- Urban Home Ownership Corp.

Professional consultation with every bill

Our analysts provide ongoing monitoring, track trends in water usage and report back to you our findings.  Our monthly reports contain professional recommendations to improve efficiency. You’ll have expert advice right at your disposal.

Get your money back in your hands

Unpaid historical water usage can be difficult to estimate, and even more difficult to collect. Our tenant billing department can calculate a retroactive invoice (back bill) for any and multiple time periods reflecting usage and associated charges.  Using our 3rd party retroactive invoicing service you can settle your charges quickly and recover the money you’ve paid out with minimal dispute.

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