Get the refund you deserve

Water and sewer bills often contain errors and miscalculations.  Actual water utility readings are frequently recorded incorrectly, resulting in overbilling.
11% of bill payers are overcharged for water and sewer usage annually, and it is difficult to know if you are one of them.  So, how can you tell if you are being charged for the water you’ve actually consumed?
It takes a team of highly trained experts to get you back the money you may be owed.  Ashokan’s team of accountants, auditors, lawyers, engineers, and licensed plumbers work tirelessly to detect billing and plumbing errors that are costing you money.

We have all the resources you need to fix mistakes

With over two decades of experience analyzing water bills and a strong working relationship with the Department of Environmental Protection, Ashokan can negotiate the best rate plan for your property and obtain the maximum refund possible, at no risk to you.
Our team does more than just audit your water bill.  Our hands-on approach includes a comprehensive property inspection to verify the accuracy of the DEP’s reported data and check the functionality of your equipment.  Following inspection and audit, Ashokan provides you with a report detailing your consumption and recommendations for past and future savings.
All you need to do is provide us with an address, and we handle the rest!

If you don't save, we don't charge

No Errors

No Charge!

Under Charged

No Charge. We work for you, not the DEP.

Over Charged

Ashokan charges 33% of your savings.
“Ashokan has always meant two things- excellent work and transparent processes.”

– Greg Kalikow, V.P. Kaled Management Corp.

“For two decades, Ashokan saved us thousands per building on water cost and we used that money towards improvements on our other properties. We have a wonderful working relationship with Ashokan.”

– Richard Bramwell, Shinda Management
“I’ve used Ashokan for years. Their knowledge of the DEP and water charges is unsurpassed, and they are tremendous advocates for property owners.”

– Leonard Katz, Katz Realty Group
“Dov Vinar handled our accounts in a professional manner. To date Ashokan has saved us over 1 million for our properties.”

– Urban Home Ownership Corp.