Architect: Dattner Architects
Developer: Monadnock, HPD, HDC
Water Consultant: Ashokan Water Services
Building Manager: Prestige

Conservation Challenge:
As part of the West Farms Redevelopment Plan, Compass Residences provide
affordable housing units in three apartment buildings, mixed with retail and community
facilities. Ashokan Water Services was retained to discover why water consumption for
one of the apartment buildings was significantly higher than for the other two structures,
and provide a solution to manage water use going forward.

Conservation Solution:

Ashokan’s engineers surveyed the site and proposed a leak survey coupled with sub-
metering and monitoring. A sub-meter was installed in each of the retail stores and tenants were made aware their water use was being monitored. City water data was
also analyzed and compared with the other two building to detect anomalies in water
consumption. Within days, retail water usage was reduced by 74% as a result of hourly
monitoring of the sub-meter data. In addition, a manual inspection of the apartments,
combined with additional city and building water use information, revealed leaks in 95%
of the apartment units. Ashokan’s diligence in analyzing data, combined with manual
inspections, resulted in a 54% reduction in the site’s water footprint.

Conservation Impact:
With a daily data review and comparison of water consumption across buildings, the
Compass Residences now receive a warning when a leak occurs, allowing onsite
maintenance to address the issue within hours, resulting in conserving 15.7 million
gallons of water and saving $208K annually since 2018.

Installed Products:
Elster evQ4 water meter
Badger High Resolution Encoded (HRE) water meter
Metron Spectrum water meter
AccuwaterTM AWS – AMR – RT transmitter and data logger