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What is a Backflow Preventer?

Ashokan is your one stop shop for backflow installation -we design, install, test, and repair any device at any property in the five boroughs.
A backflow preventer is a device installed on your water service to let water flow in and stop contaminants from flowing back out to the city’s water supply. If your property houses potential health hazards, you need a backflow preventer on every water service by law. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) mandates the installations be designed by a professional engineer, installed by a NYC-licensed master plumber, and tested by a state-certified technician.

You're in good hands

Backflow installations require DEP-approved plans, permits, engineers, master plumbers and lots of paperwork. Our backflow specialists handle all parts of the process from beginning to end. We inspect your property, design the plans, install, test, and file everything for you so it gets done right the first time.
We also correct violations on an incomplete installation or misfiled paperwork. Thousands of property managers trust Ashokan as opposed to their in house plumber for complete backflow servicing. We get the paperwork done right every time and we are fully insured – giving you peace of mind.

Annual Testing

Every twelve months, your backflow preventers must be tested and filed with the DEP. Our certified backflow testers perform timely annual inspections and file all the paperwork for you.

Repairs and Replacements

A faulty backflow preventer can pose a health risk, reduce your water pressure and cost you money through leaks or DEP fines. Ashokan can quickly repair and rebuild any make and model with original manufacturer components to minimize your liability. When a full replacement is cheaper, we’ll install a new city-approved model and properly file it with the DEP.

“Ashokan was able to assist us in reducing operating costs by over $105,000.00/yr. through water conservation engineering.”

– Richard Cavanaugh, Rose Associates Inc.
“Ashokan has been a trusted partner for our water management and plumbing needs over the last twenty years. Their expertise has saved us from dozens of backflow violations and helped us control water costs across our portfolio.”

– Andrew Ebenstein, Schuman Management
“If you want your backflow testing done right, speak with Dave from Ashokan Water Services.”

– Jessica Castro, Beach Lane Management