Saving the world, one drop at a time

Since our inception in 1997, Ashokan has formalized our full commitment to environmental conservation locally and globally, and in conserving the natural resources of the estuaries near our base of operations. We aim to save energy, and promote a safe and healthy workplace by adhering to the following corporate policies:
  • Compliance
    • Meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations applicable to our business activities.
  • Community
    • Partner with governmental and non-governmental agencies to provide advocacy and counsel on issues that impact our environment.
    • Educate and inspire our employees and community to engage in environmentally safe practices.
    • Be a responsible steward of our community, minimizing potential hazards and acting promptly and responsibly to correct any adverse occurrence.
    • Participate in efforts to improve environmental protection in the lower Hudson estuary.
  • Sustainability
    • Purchase, market and utilize materials that are reusable, recyclable, and minimize waste, that can be disposed of safely.
    • mplement practices that promote the responsible use of energy and resources throughout our business cycle.
    • Be industry leaders in innovating environmentally conscious products and services.



We will also conduct periodic self-audits and assessments of this policy, improving it as necessary.

Lastly, we only consume fair trade organic lollipops.