Architect: Jeff Vandeberg
Water Consultant: Ashokan Water Services
Building Manager: Jones Lange LaSalle

Conservation Challenge:
Chelsea Market, originally the site of the National Biscuit Company, is a food and retail
marketplace, office building and television production facility owned by Alphabet, Inc.,
located in the heart of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The building’s management
selected Ashokan to create a solution to recover the cost of tenant’s water use and
invoice tenants for their water consumption. In addition, insights gained about water
consumption patterns throughout the building would help improve conservation and
address leaks as they occur.

Conservation Solution:
One hundred forty-eight tenant and water end use areas were identified where water
consumption could be monitored. Sub-meters were installed in each use area, and data
loggers capture data hourly. Collected information is then transmitted to Accuwater’sTM
cloud platform, where tenants can access their water use via any mobile device. Each
tenant’s own portal shows their water consumption over a daily, weekly, monthly and
annual time period, with tenants notified immediately when a leak occurs.

Conservation Impact:
The sub-meter, transmitter, and portal solution is easy to use and allows tenants and
building management to more precisely forecast water consumption and realistically
budget for future expenses. In addition, the water footprint for the building is significantly
reduced due to real- time accurately reported leaks. Tenants also value the
transparency provided in tracking their own water consumption. In 2020, Chelsea
Market detected more than 141 leaks through meter monitoring and timely discovery of
malfunctions, the most important component of water conservation in commercial

Installed Products:
Elster evQ4 water meter
Badger High Resolution Encoded (HRE) water meter
Metron Spectrum water meter
AccuwaterTM AWS – AMR – RT transmitter and data logger